terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2011

Training 4...

Hello sweetss....

It's so funny when I start writing the title "Training..." and I remember that music "Heeey Soul Sister..." because of the rock band TRAIN, wich is very nice!

Well, what am I gonna to tell today?

Making a perspective that this type of post is to improve my "writing" and do well in the trainee processes.
If you, that is reading it now, saw any mistake....pleeeease, correct me. Do me a favor!

Today was a good day, comparing with yesterday.......yesterday was horrible. A TPM's day! Indeed!

I woke up early as usual, went to my classes, which was very profitable...i like hematology's classes! This subject is very interesting and the teacher is very smart and funny. I like her classes!

In the evening I had psychologist'consultant,
The psychologist is helping us on how to behave in dynamic and group interviews.
She is so professional.
In the consultant I drafted on item "leadership"
I've felt so much better when I know it.


I need to study biochemistry now....

I've just came here to train!!!!

I really need to train!!!
Training is never enough...........


hugs hugs hugs

2 comentários:

  1. "...Because of the rock band TRAIN, [b]wich[/b] is very nice!..."
    the right word here is "which" ;)

    "...what am I [b]gonna[/b] to tell today?..."
    "what am I going" is nicer.

    "...[b]that[/b] is reading it now..."
    "who" "whom" instead of "that" would be better.

    I need to study biochemistry now...."
    "finally" would sound more natural.